Context menu of Frame

Double-tap on the frame header cell, to open the frame menu.

Frame menu

Actions in frame menu:

  • New Frame: Duplicate the context frame as new frame on right side
  • New Empty: Create new empty frame on right side of the context frame
  • Delete Frame: Delete the context frame, but can not delete the last one
  • New Glip: Set the context frame as head of an animation clip(clip head)
  • Clip Peoperty: Edit animation clip's name and mode
  • Delete clip: Delete the animation clip binding to the context frame
  • Tag: Set a tag colour to this frame

Move frame among frames

Long press on frame header, hold and drag left or right to the target position.

Move frame

About animation clip

Animation clips
  • A sprite can contains multiple animation clips
  • One clip start from the binding frame(clip head) to the next clip's binding frame or end frame of the sprite
  • You can set clip name and playback mode in 'Clip properties' of frame menu
  • You can focus on one animation clip by select it from the up-left drop-down selection. (This is useful when you have hundreds of frames)

Animation playback mode

Set it in clip head's clip properties dialog.

Animation clip properties
  • Forward: the normal way
  • Backward: from the last frame to first
  • Ping-pong: from the first to last, and last to first, looping

Frame duration

You can set the playback time of a frame to be a multiple of the normal FPS time.

Frame property

It will also be reflected in the exported Gif and spritesheet.

Last updated on March 25, 2023