Gallery item management

The Gallery interface can manage all sprite files, including creating, deleting, sorting, and opening operations.

Gallery view

Sort the items in the gallery

In the upper left corner of the gallery, click the drop-down menu gallery-sort.jpeg to select the sorting method you want, including sorting by date, sorting by type, and sorting by kind.

When sorting by kind, folders will be arranged at the front, and ordinary sprite files will be arranged at the back. Among items of the same type, they are sorted by name.

When sorting by date, the most recently modified will be listed first.

Duplicate, rename, and delete item

Long press an item to open the context menu and select the corresponding operation.

Gallery item context menu

At the same time, you can also Show in Files to view items in the Files App.

Create folder in the gallery

Click on the folder button gallery-create-folder.jpeg in the upper right.

Move into folder

Long press to select an item, then drag it to the folder.

To move an item out of a folder, drag it onto the Back folder.

Move item to folder, and back
Last updated on March 2, 2023