Palette & Color


The Palette window

The palette window
  • Move: Drag and drop the colour at any position to move colour
  • Delete: Drag a colour out of the window to delete it
  • Set colour: Click the star buttonset-color-btn.jpeg to set the pen colour to the selected colour slot

Palette settings

Preferences->Palette setting:

Palette setting
  • Can set to show the pen color on topbar
  • Can set to show the pen color in palette window and the display position
  • Change item size: Change the display size of colour items in the palette
  • Open the pelette presets manager
  • Toggle pen colour view in palette window: In the settings, you can toggle the display of pen colour in the palette
  • Set of Max colour count when generate palette from canvas

Color interpolation

After setting the colours at both ends, the middle colour can be automatically generated by interpolation.

Interpolate palette gap

Colour interpolation can be applied to existing colour row/column from v1.6.

Palette colour interpolation

Sample from canvas

Generate a palette from the canvas.

Generate palette from canvas
  • Do NOT to use JPG format in your workflow. Because JPG will form a lot of subtle colours when compressed. This results in thousands of colours being found when sampling from a JPG imported canvas.
  • In the settings, you can set the maximum number of colours sampled to limit the result colour count.
  • Through the distribution and approximate relationship of colours, Resprite will select the colour combinations that meet the quantity requirements when found too many colours.

Clear palette

Remove all palette colours, Menu->Palette->Clear.

Import and export palette

In Menu->Palette, you can import or export palettes.

Palette menu

Supported palette file types:

  • GPL: .gpl is a palette format from the GIMP drawing software, which is a general palette format now.
  • RPL: .rpl is a palette format specific to Resprite, which is essentially a JSON file. It contains the location information of the colours.

Palette presets manager

Open it from Preferences->Palette settings or Menu->Palette->Load.

Palette presets manager

Resprite has several built-in palettes in the presets table. At the same time, you can save your palette to preset tables. In the Palette Presets Manager, you can set a palette as the default, and new sprites will be initialized with it.

Like indexed

Toggle it in Menu->Paltte->Like indexed, use it to quickly replace colour of entire sprite.

This is a variant of indexed colour. When turned on, changing the colour in the palette will change the corresponding colour in the canvas.

When the sprite is very large, the operation is time-consuming, and you may need to wait for one second or more.

The ColorPicker window

There are multiple display modes you can choose in settings.

Color picker with sliders

If screen space is limited, you can also enable pen color in the palette and turn off the independent color picker.

You can also close the palette and color picker windows at the same time, and then display a pen color in the top bar. These are all adjusted in settings.

Last updated on October 17, 2023