Gesture & Pencil

Fixed gestures

These gestures are fixed:

  • Undo: Two-finger tap on the artboard area
  • Redo: Three-finger tap on the artboard area
  • Canvas move and zoom: Two-finger pan and pinch

Configurable gestures

The actions corresponding to these gestures are selectable.

  • Long press on canvas
  • Single finger drag and double-tap

Click setting-btn.jpeg to open the Settings panel and select Gesture Settings.

Typical gesture setting

Typical configuration:

  • Long press to invoke eyedropper.
  • Turn on "Pencil draw only and one-finger gestures"
  • When editing an animation, one-finger drag to navigate frames and toggle onion skins, double-tap to toggle playing.
  • When editing a static screen, one-finger drag to move the canvas.

Configurable pencil gestures

The actions corresponding to these gestures are selectable.

  • Pencil double-tap
  • Action on low tilt
  • Action on high pressure
Typical pencil gesture setting

Typical configuration:

  • Erasing when the pen is tilted at a low angle
  • Invoke bucket fill when the pen is pressed heavily

Choose different gestures according to your habits, and adjust their sub-parameters to make the best effect.

Pencil double-tap actions

Pencil double-tap actions

Resprite provide custom actions:

  • Switch to eraser
  • Switch to eyedropper
  • Switch to previous tool
  • Switch to bucket tool

The above actions, if you double-tap again, it will go back to the previous tool.

  • Switch to pen always
  • Switch between pen and eraser
  • Undo
Last updated on September 12, 2023