Ase file compatibility

Resprite's compatibility description for third-party file formats

The functions of pixel art painting software are mostly the same, with a few differences. This article explains the compatibility issues between third-party file formats and Resprite.

.aseprite file compatibility issues

.ase is a common pixel art project file in the desktop environment. We have added import/export support for it in Resprite R17, but there are certain compatibility issues, which are listed as follows:

Problem list for importing ase files

  • Two Tags are allowed to overlap in the Ase file, but our Clip does not allow it. When imported, the header of each tag will be mapped to the header of the clip. For tags with the same header, only the first one will be retained.

  • Ase supports a Ping-pong reverse mode, while we have Ping-pong, but not its reverse mode. When importing, this item will be set to Ping-pong mode.

  • Tags in Ase can specify the number of times to be played repeatedly, but we do not support this feature. This is ignored when importing.

  • Ase can name a color, which we do not support. Ignored when importing.

  • Ase supports real color index mode, we support modified color index mode(See FAQ). On import, index mode is converted to normal color mode.

  • Ase's User Data, Slice, and Tileset data are not supported and will be ignored when importing.

  • Ase's non-consecutive cross-frame cell link situations are not supported. Continuous links will be converted to corresponding cell inheritance.

  • Ase can set the frame time to any value, but we support setting it as an integer multiple of the base FPS time of the sprite, and the frame time will be converted to the closest multiple when imported.

List of problems when exporting ase files

Some features of Resprite are not supported by ase files, resulting in some compatibility issues:

  • Ase does not support setting blending mode and transparency for layer groups and will be ignored when exporting.
  • Ase does not support the clipping mask attribute of layers and will be ignored when exporting.
  • Ase does not support the color position of the palette. When exporting, the position of all colors will be ignored and arranged compactly.
  • Ase does not support ISO grid lines and will be ignored when exporting.
  • Ase can not store the attributes of grid lines when grid lines are not turned on.

Reference: ase file specs (opens in a new tab)

Last updated on August 30, 2023