iPhone Version

Resprite for iPhone

The iPhone version was first released with Resprite R14 on July 10 2023. It has the same features of iPad version. The premium is shared between iPhone and iPad. You DO NOT need to pay twice for the premium.

Resprite for iPhone

There are still differents between iPad and iPhone version, because the smaller screen size and no Apple Pencil supporting. This page gives you special information related to the iPhone version, including tips and docs.

Get more draw space on iPhone

The iPhone screen is much smaller than iPad. Here are tips for get more space for the canvas:

  • 1, Enable the full screen checkbox
  • 2, If you dont do animation, you can hide the timeline's action bar
  • 3, If you only use one layer, you can hide the entire timeline panel
  • 4, After place the toolbar where you like, you can lock it
Last updated on July 17, 2023