resprite screens
Screenshots of Resprite for iPad and iPhone
*Tiger image is from 史大巴 *Girl image is from 围巾不吸水

Pixel art editor for iPad and iPhone📱

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*One-time purchage is supported
*The premium is shared between iPad and iPhone

Bring pixel art workflow to your fingertips

Release Note

Resprite R33

Mar 15 2024
- OP: Optimize setting of timelapse result display time
- OP: Optimize bounce prevent of rotate buttons
- FIX: Crash when switch from curve tool to other shape tools in some cases
- FIX: Crash when try to flip content of layer group
- FIX: The same photo cannot be imported for the second time

Resprite R32

Feb 20 2024
- NEW: Curve tool
- OP: Add ‘Flip Horizontal’ and ‘Flip Vertical’ to the timeline bar
- OP: Keep the authorization status longer after the user switches accounts
- FIX: Picking color with clipping mask content
- FIX: Onion-skin's red-green mode tint color is gray in some cases
Curve tool

Resprite R31

Jan 15 2024
- NEW: Custom brush
- OP: Change palette format for desktop version compatibility
- OP: Timelapse and video exporting use the canvas background grids as background
- OP: Timelapse can not add padding any more
- FIX: Pen tool cause display glitch sometimes

Resprite R30

Jan 6 2024
- NEW: Russian language
(Thanks to Alexey Krainev for the translation)
- OP: The behavior of color picker tool when 'all layers' checked
- FIX: Shape tools cause glitch randomly especially on big canvas
- FIX: Shows ghost shadows when dragging selection content fast
- FIX: Forbidden user to rename sprite name to empty string
- FIX: Language bug with some hard coded strings
Read more in release page.