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Screenshots of Resprite for iPad and iPhone

Pixel art editor for iPad and iPhone📱

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*The premium is shared between iPad and iPhone

Bring pixel art workflow to your fingertips

Release Note

Resprite R26

Release at Nov 10 2023
- NEW: Timelapse
- NEW: Export as video
- NEW: Manual save button
- NEW: Proportional scaling
- OP: Can lock the palette
- OP: Can not draw on hidden layer
- OP: Can set cell's opacity
- OP: Opacity show as percent% not 255
- OP: Can import spritesheet(image) from Photos/clipboard
- OP: Better spray speed control
- FIX: TTF font with content of only spaces caused crash
- FIX: Cell move on group layer by the buttons caused crash
Timelapse export dialog

Resprite R25

Release at Oct 25 2023
- NEW: Export spritesheet as individual images splitted by layers or frames
- NEW: Onion-skin/symmetric tool/grid line switches on timeline bar
- NEW: New layer button on timeline bar
- OP: Palette reorder can set column count
- OP: Add pixel by pixel move buttons for the move tool
- OP: Add option to force display toolbar at the top
- OP: Optimize some abbr strings in tool option panel
- OP: Optimize sliders mode of color picker with tight width
- FIX: The behavior of clipping mask above another clipping mask
- FIX: Color deviation of exported gifs in some cases
Switches on timeline bar

Resprite R24

Release at Oct 15 2023
- NEW: Replace color, Invert, Grayscale in Adjust color
- NEW: Sliders display mode for color picker window
- NEW: Selection modify methods: Expand, Contract, Border
- OP: Allow duplicated color in palette
- OP: Add force control for blur tool
- FIX: Open premium funtions by keyboard shortcuts
- FIX: Tiled preview when selection out of canvas crash
- FIX: Can not undo of adjust color when target is palette
- FIX: Persistence of cell theme colors
Slider mode of color picker

Resprite R22/23(patch)

Release at Oct 9 2023
- OP: Add shortcuts for brush size
- FIX: Crash of contour tool
- FIX: Crash of choose selection modify way
- FIX: Crash of heavy press gesture
- FIX: Long press gesture not work when spray tool selected
Read more in release page.