Resprite provides preset themes and you can create your own theme.

Themes customization

Theme customization

You can edit these theme colours:

  • The shine factor and shadow factor

Set them bigger to be more three-dimensional, otherwise more flat.

  • The primary panel, secondary panel, button's text(foreground) and bg(background) colors
  • The color of borders and canvas bg

All these colors make the theme alive.


Do not forget taking advantage of color's the alpha channel.


  • Reset: reset the colors to the theme you selected
  • Save: save the modified colors to the theme you selected
  • Save as New: save the colors as a new Theme
  • Delete: delete the current selected theme


Themes on iPhone

Reset all theme data

Click the "reset" button 3 times, you can reset all theme data.

Last updated on October 6, 2023