Deco module

Deco(ration) manager

Hover and play a GIF image as a Deco. In the Deco Manager, manage your Decos.

How to open: Menu->Window->Deco Manager.

Deco(ration) Manager
  • Click Import GIF in the bottom left corner to import the new GIF as a floating deco.
  • Click Wear/TakeOff button in the bottom right corner to enable or cancel the display of an deco.
  • Modify other attributes to set the display position, size, direction, playback speed and other attributes of the deco.
  • In unlocked mode, Decos can be dragged. After being locked, the deco can not be dragged and the content below it can be clicked.
Added a walking cat as a Deco in the status bar (iPhone)
Last updated on October 6, 2023