Create new sprite

In the Gallery, click the New button new-sprite-btn.jpeg in the upper right corner. In the New Sprite dialog box, fill in the name and select the sprite size.

Create sprite dialog

Resprite limits canvas size up to 3840x2160(4K UHD), or the equivalent number of pixels. It is recommended to set canvas size lower than 1080p. Size > 1080p is experimental.

When there is clipping content, a resolution corresponding to the image in the clipboard will be provided at the top.


Warning: Huge canvas size(> 1080p) and huge frame count(like hundreds of frames), the performance will be hurt.

Custom preset canvas sizes

You can set your own commonly used canvas size, so that no need to input them every time.

Setting of custom preset canvas sizes

Modify sprite size, frame rate and rotation/flip

After opening the sprite, select Menu -> Sprite, and select an operation here.

Sprite menu

You can:

  • Change frame rate of animation
  • Scale sprite size
  • Change canvas size
  • Rotate or flip the canvas
  • Crop canvas to the bounds of current selction

For import and export of sprites, see the import and export page.

Last updated on July 28, 2023