Floating windows

Freely arrange the position of the windows, shorten the distance between the pen tip and them, so that you can maximize your efficiency.

Float windows
  • Move window: drag the title bar of the window
  • Minimize the window: Click the minimize buttonminimize-btn.jpeg in the upper right corner of the window
  • Close the window: set it in the settings or click the close button
  • Bind to corner: move the window to the corner, let go after the symbol appears
  • Drag the handle in the lower right cornerresize-handle.jpeg to resize the window

Some window can be closed

In Preferences->Window, these window can set to hide:

  • The Timeline

(Some pro only use one frame one layer, can close this to get more space)

  • The Colour picker window

(Turn on pen colour in palette, and close this to get more space)

  • The Preview window
Last updated on March 18, 2023