Font and Text

Resprite Font and Insert Text

Resprite provides two font type. The resprite-font and normal fonts(ttf/ttc/otf/otc).

Import fonts

Click the add(+) button besides font list.

Insert text

  • Go to Menu->Edit->Insert text to open the dialog for entering a string.
  • Select a font on the left.
  • Tap the corresponding characters on the right to combine to form the string you want.
  • Click the Insert button and you're done.
Insert Text
Insert Text with TTF fonts

Multiple resprite-fonts can be mixed.

Insert text with multiple font

Create your own resprite-font

Resprite-font is a unique, intuitive, and flexible font format and text input mechanism.

  • Draw your font in grid
  • Create the Font by Menu->Export->Save as Font
  • Set up the parameters, including grid size, monospace, and prefered word spacing
  • Click the preview btn, you can preview the font's print result
  • You can start creating from this template, so has the same char layout
Font template

Anything can be created as font, so you can type them quickly in different sprites, like emojis, icons, patterns.

Get more resprite-fonts

For more community created fonts, check out Resprite Fonts Collection (opens in a new tab).

Last updated on October 6, 2023