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How to adjust Repsrite's font size?

Open system's control center(drag down from top-right screen corner), tap "Aa" buttonfont-size-btn.png, drag up or down to change the font size. Tap "Resprite only" to set font size only for Resprite.

Adjust font size in control center

(If you don’t see the Text Size button, add it to Control Center—go to Settings > Control Center, then choose Text Size).

For more info, see iPadOS doc (opens in a new tab).

Where are my files?

Open the Files App, select "On My iPad" on the left, and find the "Resprite" folder. The .resprite files inside are our sprite files.

Files location

How to record drawing video?

What does the premium version unlocks?

  • The exporting limit
  • The colour adjust function
  • The advanced outline function
  • The symmetric tool

Is Premium shared between iPad and iPhone?

YES. The Premium is shared between them, they are not seperated. You only need buy once.

Why is my exported image blurry or lose transprency?

When a small png image is saved to the album, the Apple system will add a white background and enlarge it (it may become blurry).

You can solve it by one of following methods:

  • Use the GIF format
  • Save to Files instead of Photos
  • Scale up images to higher resolutions when exporting, using the Magnification field.

Share GIF to Wechat, it become blur and static?

When exporting GIF, directly choose to share to WeChat. WeChat will treat it as a static image, and will enlarge and blur it.

The solution is to save the GIF to the Photos first. Then in WeChat, choose to send the photo, and select the "original picture" mode. In this way, you can send exquisite small animations.

What's the minimal OS version requirement?

iOS 16 and iPad OS 16

What's tech stack is Resprite built on?

Resprite App is built based on Apple's Swift & SwiftUI & UIKit stack. For keep the project robust in longterm, we are working hard to keep the code no dependency on any 3rd lib.

So that iPadOS/iOS/MacOS(later) will be all supported. And won't support Windows/Linux.

Does Resprite support Indexed color?

If you want a real indexed color image (opens in a new tab) supporting, the answer is NO. The indexed color tech is in order to save file storage. But that's not important today, because storage is cheap.

If you want to replace color by change palette's color, the answer is YES. We have a checkbox "Like Indexed" in Menu->Palette, when checked, change to palette color will automaticlly change the relative pixels in canvas.

How to cancel selection?

If you are still in selection tool, tap outside your selection once will cancel the selection. That's follow the same way of softwares like photoshop. The real meaning is select a new area but empty, so the old selection is canncelled. So, make sure the selection mode is in "Replace".

If you are in other tool, there is a "cancel selection" button on the bottom of tool-option panel.

How to move selected content?

Drag inner of you selection will move it. But make sure you are in "Replace" selection mode, which is default, otherwise will change the selection.

How to Copy and Paste selected content?

There are copy/paste btns on the selection tool's option panel(up and down arrow btns). And there are menu entries in Menu->Edit too. You can copy content from one sprite to another file.

If you want to copy the whole canvas, you do not need to select the entire canvas first, just use the menu entry's copy.

If you want to copy frames/cells, you should use the copy/paste of timeline. Double tap on cells, you can find the copy/paste of cells feature. And frame/cells support multi-select. That's means you can copy batch of frames/cells once, and supports copy through two sprite files too.

How to copy content from one file to another?

Both canvas content copy/paste feature and timline's copy/paste feature support cross file action.

Does resprite support export huge GIFs?

We have test GIF exporting of 150frames + 5000x5000 image size(after magnification of 10x, the origin canvas size is 500*500). The ouput gif file's size is 50mb +.

Doest resprite support tileset and tilemap editing?

Not for now, they are on the longterm plan. Checkout our roadmap.

How to cancel a subscription?

Checkout Apple's video (opens in a new tab).


Paste ref img from your mac

Copy image on your mac, and Menu->Import reference->Clipboard.

Should enbale apple's handoff function, and two devices in the same local network or bluetooth.

See more in Apple's doc (opens in a new tab).

Always allow paste image

Set System settings->Resprite->Paste from Other Apps to 'Allow'.

Quick zoom in reference or preview

Double-tap on the image, it will bring the image center, and zoom in different level.

Find history version of sprite

See safezone

Last updated on March 21, 2024