Draw tools

Toolbar and tools

Resprite has a powerful toolbar. It provides comprehensive drawing tools, and each tool has rich adjustment parameters.

The toolbar interface

  • There is an option in settings to put the toolbar on top
Toolbar on top
  • Click the button layout-btn.jpeg to switch the landscape mode of the toolbar
Switch toolbar landscape mode
  • Toogle some tool's visibility in toolbar in Preferences->Toolbar. These tools have gestures.

Pencil tool

The most basic drawing tool, but with rich options.

Pencil tool demo
  • Brush shape: click to toggle brush shape between Square and Cycle
  • Brush size: Drag left to get smaller, right to get bigger, and up down works too
  • Blending: The pen colour will blending in with the alpha channel, otherwise just replace
  • Pixel Perfect: Draw a better line, without the L corner pixel
  • Alpha Lock: Lock the alpha channel. In other word, can only draw to the area already has content
  • Dithering on-off: Click to toggle
  • Dither patterns: Drag left or right to navigate patterns

Read more about Dithering.


Double-tap on brush size can reset brush size to 1 directly. Double-tap again to revert.

Eraser tool

Simple eraser tool capable of erasing content. Can be combined with the dithering option to form an empty texture.

Shading tool

Shading the content of the canvas in one direction by a set of colours associated in the palette.

Shading tool demo
  • Colour range: Take the colour selected in the palette and its adjacent colours in the shading direction
  • Shading direction: Click to toggle between left and right, up and down. Drag to choose from 4 directions.
  • Entire Palette: Shading with all colours in palette
  • Turn on "pencil double-tap toggle shading direction" in setting
  • Dithering and Pixel Perfect works in shading too

Select tools

Resprite offers the classic three selection tools and their options, as well as free transformation.

3 select sub-tool:

  • Marquee: Select as a rectangle
  • Lasso: Draw the selection area freely
  • Magic wand: Select by colour

3 select mode:

  • Replace: Replace the selection mask with new one
  • Add: Add new area into current selection area
  • Minus: Minus area from current selection area

When a selection, all operations are limited by the area of the selection.

Cancel selection

If you are still in select tool, tap on canvas(out of your selection) once, will cancel the selection. Make sure you are in "Replace" mode. If you are in other tool, there is a "cancel selection" button at the tail of the tool option panel.

The selection's area size

When in selection, the selection's area size is showing on the left-bottom corner instead of Canvas size.

Selection size on footer

Read about transform.

Modify selection: Inverse, Expand, Contract, Border

Menu->Select->Choose your modify method.

The contract selection dialog


Pick colour from canvas.

The Options:

  • All Layers: Sip colour from all layers, otherwise just the selected layer
  • Auto Back: Go back to the previous tool after sip a colour
  • On Palette: Also select the corresponding colour in the palette, if it exists

Use long-press gesture to pick up colours

Bucket fill

Fill it with pen colour.

The Options:

  • Continuous: Only fill the connected area
  • Tolerance amount: Let similar colours also act as filled areas
  • Ignore colour: Simply ignore the colour on the layer, the entire layer or selection will be filled
  • Dither pattern: Fill with dither patterns too
Fill with dither patterns

Disable continuous, to replace colour for the layer

Gradient Tool

Fill space with gradient texture.

Gradient tool

The Options:

  • Continuous: Only fill the connected area
  • Tolerance amount: Let similar colours also act as filled areas
  • Gradient type: Linear or radial way
  • Start and end Colors
  • Dithering degree: click to toggle(when disabled, it's RGB gradient), supports 2x2, 4x4, 8x8 dither patterns
Gradient tool tutorial

Cell move tool

Move content position in cells.


  • All Frames: The movement apply to all frames
  • All Layers: The movement apply to all layers

Otherwise, only the selected cell in timeline take effects.

Note: If the selected layer is a group, all its descendants are moved.

Shape tools


Curve tool


  • Brush shape ans size
  • Fill: If filled for rectangle and elcipse
  • Dither pattern: Draw shapes with dither pattern too

Blur tool

Blur tool will replace the pixel by average of 3x3 around pixels. It supports Alpha-lock, so that you can blur the content without expanding. Change the force field control the blur level.

Spray tool

Spray tool can spray points. It supports alpha-lock too.

  • Width: controls the spray area size
  • Speed: controls the spray amount
Spray tool
Spray tool tutorial

Jumble tool

Jumble tool can randomly move pixels under brush.

Apply jumble tool on the hair
Last updated on March 13, 2024