The goal of Resprite is to build a pro pixel art creation workflow on iPad, iPhone and MacOS.

Features to be added in the near future:

  • 1, Slice tool
  • 2, Layer blend modes (done)
  • 3, Advanced outline (done)
  • 4, Clipping mask (done)
  • 5, Insert text (done)
  • 6, Aseprite format support
  • 7, Symetric tool
  • 8, Support iPhone (done)
  • 9, Support MacOS
  • 10, Keyboard and Mouse support
  • 11, Contour and polygon tool
  • 12, Gradient tool
  • 13, Curve tool
  • 14, Rulers and Guides lines

(Complicated detail TODOs are not listed, please checkout the Github Issues (opens in a new tab))

Large-scale features expected to be added in long term:

  1. Scene In a scene, you can put multiple sprites together to see and verify how they work together. You can position them, animate them, move them in timeline. It can be used to simulate game scenes and user interfaces.

  2. Tiles Tiles are commonly used in game development. You can draw the tileset in the sprite, and use the tileset to draw the tilemap in the scene. Supports:

  • Orthogonal tilemap
  • Isometric tilemap
  • Hexagonal tilemap

This roadmap outlines our plan. It may change in the future. For more detail information, checkout our Github Issues (opens in a new tab) and Discussions (opens in a new tab).

If you are going to use Resprite to make all the sprite assets for an indie game, we would love to communicate with you to improve and validate the workflow.

Last updated on July 28, 2023