Canvas grid line

Toogle the grid line, by Menu->View->Show grid line.

Grid line(white)

Config the grid line at Preferences->Canvas, you can config:

  • Grid width and height, min value is 1
  • The stroke width
  • The Colour, supporting alpha channel

Canvas ISO(isometric) line

Toogle the ISO line, by Menu->View->Show ISO line. The ISO guide line is useful when painting isometric art.

ISO(isometric) guide lines

In canvas setting, you can set the ISO box height(min value is 8). The colour follows Grid line.

Modify canvas size, rotate/flip canvas

After opening the sprite, select Menu -> Sprite, and select an operation here.

Sprite menu

You can:

  • Change frame rate of animation
  • Modify sprite size, this will scale the sprite
  • Modify canvas size, it support 9 snapping direction
  • Rotate or flip the canvas horizontaly or verticaly

These operations are applied to the entire sprite. If you want transform the selected only, see Editing.

Canvas setting

Configuration of grid line, ISO line and canvas bg grid colours.

Canvas setting

Change canvas size

Go to Menu->Sprite->Canvas Size.

Last updated on September 12, 2023