Timelapse setting

When you create a new sprite file, you can set the timelapse parameters. For existing sprite files, you can set the parameters in Menu->Sprite->Timelapse Properties.

  • Whether to turn on timelapse recording, recording will only occur if this switch is turned on (When creating a new sprite, for sprites with small resolutions, the default is on. For particularly large sprites, the default is off)
  • For video quality, generally choose level 2-3, and for large canvases, choose 1. The higher the quality level, the better video quality but the video data will become larger.
  • The speed ratio is generally smooth around 20 times. That is, a 1-minute video will be recorded during the actual drawing process of 20 minutes. Note that recording will not occur when idle.
  • Background color, the background color of the recorded video.

After the parameters are adjusted, the newly recorded parts will use the new parameters, and the previously recorded parts will not change. The existing sprite file turns off timleapse by default.

Export timelapse videos


When exporting, you can set parameters:

  • Show the art at the beginning of the video
  • Show the art at the end of the video
  • Playback times (for animated sprites), dispaly time (for single-frame images)
  • Horizontal/vertical padding
  • Magnification
Timelapse export dialog

Timelapse data manager

Preferences->General->Timelapse data manager.

Check out the current data size and do cleanning.


It is not recommended to enable timelapse recording when using very old device models or extremely large canvases.

Last updated on November 15, 2023