Reference image

Reference image

Add reference image

In Menu->Import Reference, you can import a reference image from files, photos and clipboard.

Import reference image
  • Zoom: Drag on the "zoom %" text on the bottom
  • Move: Drag on the image
  • Remove: Click "X" button

Double-tap on reference image to zoom in steps and fit to center.

Paste as reference image

Copy one image in other App, then Menu->Import Reference->Clipboard.

Paste image as ref img

If handoff on, you can paste from your Mac.


  • You can import multiple reference images in one sprite.
  • Reference images are stored in the Resprite bundle, when you share a bundle to others, the reference images too.
  • When reference image window are closed, it is also deleted from the bundle.

Pick colour from reference image

Select eyedropper tool -> drag on the reference image to select a colour.

When eyedropper selected, reference image can not be moved.


Long press on ref image can pick colour.

Last updated on September 12, 2023