Quick Start for Beginners

Quick start for beginners

Here we provide you with a simple getting started guide. For complete documentation, please refer to the relevant pages.

Undo/Redo gesture

  • Two finger tap -> Undo
  • Three finger tap -> Redo

Read more about gesture.

Create new layer

Double-tap on layer header to open the context menu. Select new layer.

Read more about timeline.

Move layer up down

Long press on the layer, hold and drag up down.

Pick colour gesture

  • Long press on canvas to sip colour
  • Long press on reference image to sip colour too

Change brush size

Drag left or right to change the size, and up/down works too.

Read more about tools.

Bucket fill gesture

Heavy press on canvas with Apple pencil.

Custom pencil's double-tap action

You can custom Apple pencil(2nd)'s double-tap action in Preferences->Pencil.

Put timeline to side

Menu -> View -> Timeline pos

Delete colour item

Drag the colour out of palette window

Read more about palette.


The gestures above are the default configuration of Resprite, you can edit it in Preferences->Gesture/Pencil.

Last updated on March 26, 2023