Resprite Introduction

Welcome to Resprite's document.

If you are using this software for the first time, please check Quick start for beginners.

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Resprite Description

Resprite provides a complete set of pixel art editing tools, a set of innovative shading tools, an advanced layer and timeline system, and a high-performance rendering engine, which can help you create fascinating pixel art, exquisite spritesheet, charming GIFs and wonderful game art resources.

Whether you're lying on the couch, camping in a tent, lounging at the beach, or waiting at the airport, it's easy to create. Resprite is your mobile pixel art studio.


  • Pixel Canvas that supports resolutions up to 1080p
  • Low energy consumption, long battery life
  • Innovative and efficient palette and shading tools
  • Dithering pattern support
  • Extremely flexible interface layout
  • Optimized gesture and pen control
  • High-performance graphics engine, still smooth for big project

Versatile toolset:

  • Support brushes, innovative shading tool, 3 different selection tools, colour picker, paint bucket, 3 different shape tools, and rich sub-options
  • Support Pixel perfect, Alpha lock, Dithering and other elements
  • Let the toolbar be anywhere you want, immediately accessible
  • Support copy, paste (across sprites), horizontal and vertical flip, rotate, zoom
  • Support canvas, image scaling and transformation
  • Support quick outline

Extremely flexible interface layout:

  • Place the floating window as you like
  • Windows can be minimized
  • Shorten the distance between the pen and the destination
  • Support light and dark themes
  • Pixel style software interface

Convenient reference graph mechanism:

  • Support import multiple reference images
  • Can zoom and minimize
  • Can be placed in any position

Innovative colour palette:

  • Arrangement in free position
  • Joint mechanism with the shading tool
  • Interpolation creates intermediate colours
  • Indexed like mode, easy to replace the colour of the whole sprite
  • Import and export of palettes
  • Generate palette by sampling from the canvas

Import and share:

  • Support importing and exporting GIF files, spritesheet files, and Resprite packages
  • When exporting, you can set the magnification, frame margin, spritesheet arrangement, etc.
  • Can be exported individually or by line
  • Support import and export palette files, support GPL and RPL formats

Full-featured layers and timeline:

  • Flexible creation through layers and timeline
  • Support layer copying, merging, flattening and more
  • Support Onion Skin
  • Support multiple animation clips
  • Reliable performance, hundreds of frames of animation, still smooth
  • Support colour labels, support multi-level grouping, set opacity for layers

Quick gesture operation:

  • Supports pen's low tilt angle, heavy pressure gesture
  • Universal two-finger tap, three-finger tap undo and redo
  • Support the Double-Tap function of the custom pen
  • One-finger gesture control, quick frame switching and playback
  • Long press gesture
Last updated on November 15, 2023