Release Note

Release Note

Resprite R33

Mar 15 2024
- OP: Optimize setting of timelapse result display time
- OP: Optimize bounce prevent of rotate buttons
- FIX: Crash when switch from curve tool to other shape tools in some cases
- FIX: Crash when try to flip content of layer group
- FIX: The same photo cannot be imported for the second time

Resprite R32

Feb 20 2024
- NEW: Curve tool
- OP: Add ‘Flip Horizontal’ and ‘Flip Vertical’ to the timeline bar
- OP: Keep the authorization status longer after the user switches accounts
- FIX: Picking color with clipping mask content
- FIX: Onion-skin's red-green mode tint color is gray in some cases
Curve tool

Resprite R31

Jan 15 2024
- NEW: Custom brush
- OP: Change palette format for desktop version compatibility
- OP: Timelapse and video exporting use the canvas background grids as background
- OP: Timelapse can not add padding any more
- FIX: Pen tool cause display glitch sometimes

Resprite R30

Jan 6 2024
- NEW: Russian language
(Thanks to Alexey Krainev for the translation)
- OP: The behavior of color picker tool when 'all layers' checked
- FIX: Shape tools cause glitch randomly especially on big canvas
- FIX: Shows ghost shadows when dragging selection content fast
- FIX: Forbidden user to rename sprite name to empty string
- FIX: Language bug with some hard coded strings

Resprite R29

Dec 20 2023
- NEW: Jumble tool
- NEW: Show selection/shape size infomation
- OP: Canvas background grids can be 1x1 now
- FIX: Load illegal font file crash
- FIX: Export ase with empty palette crash
- FIX: Images exported separately in frames are not enlarged
- FIX: The last clip always leaves out the last frame in exported ase file
Jumble tool demo

Resprite R28

Nov 21 2023
- OP: Layer lock sync with ase file
- OP: Group can be locked too
- FIX: Crash when change canvas size in some cases
- FIX: Duplicated group shows the lock icon

Resprite R27

Nov 20 2023
- NEW: Layer lock
- OP: Better auto-save mechanism
- OP: Realtime preview of adjust color(HSV/Contrast)
- FIX: Outline behavior on inherited cell

Resprite R26

Nov 10 2023
- NEW: Timelapse
- NEW: Export as video
- NEW: Manual save button
- NEW: Proportional scaling
- OP: Can lock the palette
- OP: Can not draw on hidden layer
- OP: Can set cell's opacity
- OP: Opacity show as percent% not 255
- OP: Can import spritesheet(image) from Photos/clipboard
- OP: Better spray speed control
- FIX: TTF font with content of only spaces caused crash
- FIX: Cell move on group layer by the buttons caused crash
Timelapse export dialog

Resprite R25

Oct 25 2023
- NEW: Export spritesheet as individual images splitted by layers or frames
- NEW: Onion-skin/symmetric tool/grid line switches on timeline bar
- NEW: New layer button on timeline bar
- OP: Palette reorder can set column count
- OP: Add pixel by pixel move buttons for the move tool
- OP: Add option to force display toolbar at the top
- OP: Optimize some abbr strings in tool option panel
- OP: Optimize sliders mode of color picker with tight width
- FIX: The behavior of clipping mask above another clipping mask
- FIX: Color deviation of exported gifs in some cases
Switches on timeline bar

Resprite R24

Oct 15 2023
- NEW: Replace color, Invert, Grayscale in Adjust color
- NEW: Sliders display mode for color picker window
- NEW: Selection modify methods: Expand, Contract, Border
- OP: Allow duplicated color in palette
- OP: Add force control for blur tool
- FIX: Open premium funtions by keyboard shortcuts
- FIX: Tiled preview when selection out of canvas crash
- FIX: Can not undo of adjust color when target is palette
- FIX: Persistence of cell theme colors
Slider mode of color picker

Resprite R22/23(patch)

Oct 9 2023
- OP: Add shortcuts for brush size
- FIX: Crash of contour tool
- FIX: Crash of choose selection modify way
- FIX: Crash of heavy press gesture
- FIX: Long press gesture not work when spray tool selected

Resprite R21

Oct 8 2023
- NEW: Blur tool
- NEW: Spray tool
- NEW: Basic keyboard shortcuts
- NEW: Adjust contrast/brightness
- NEW: The Select menu and Inverse select
- OP: Rename "Trinket" to "Deco(ration)" module
- OP: Can set the theme colors for active cells
- OP: Click the reset btn for 3 times to reset all theme data
- OP: Optimize some strings of ja/zh
- OP: Hide the shading tool for iPhone as default
- OP: Add alpha lock for shape tools
- FIX: Color editor's stays at old position after the color picker window moved
- FIX: Transform handles not move when moving the content
The new spray tool

Resprite R20

Oct 1 2023
- NEW: Multiple selection and operations of gallery files
- NEW: Batch export of gallery files
- NEW: App usage statistics in help window
- OP: Add the *Inside* mode for outline
- OP: Can choose the current pen color in color editor
- OP: Remove the 'export with text' feature
- OP: Bigger zoom slider responsive area for preview and reference images
- FIX: Layer property effect should be rasterized when merging layers
- FIX: Fix view flash when edit theme name on iPhone
- FIX: Auto back of eyedropper after pick color from reference image
Batch export

Resprite R19

Sept 25 2023
Gradient tool
- NEW: Contour tool
- NEW: Gradient tool
- NEW: new Focus Mode, you can set which windows to hide
(Use 3 finger drag up/down gesture to toggle)
- NEW: New default palette 'Plastic17'
- OP: No longer hide grid/iso guide lines in Focus(zen) mode
- OP: Fix dragging on color slider sometimes trigger hex code's pencil scribble
- OP: Try to read color code from clipboard when start edit the hex code
- OP: More obvious button to remove file password
Gradient tool

Resprite R18

Sept 15 2023
File lock
- NEW: Text input with font types of ttf/ttc/otf/otc
- NEW: Can add password to a sprite file
- OP: 一部の日本語翻訳を最適化
- OP: Always show the symmetric tool's handles
- OP: Layer/frame properties tap outside as confirm
- OP: Some tiny UX optimizations
- FIX: fix wrong behavior of clipping mask
- FIX: fix crash when tiled preview area has no content
File lock

Resprite R17

Sept 5 2023
Deco manager
- NEW: The Trinket module(Menu->Window->Trinket Manager)
- NEW: Compatibility of .ase file(Import/Export)
- NEW: Can show Add Frame Button on timeline action bar(Preferences->Timeline)
- NEW: Reorder palette colors(Menu->Palette->Reorder)
- OP: Can edit the hex color code in color editor window
- OP: Add create folder entry in the gallery's bg context menu
- OP: New copy/paste icons in selection tool's option panel
- OP: Lock symmetric tool in trial mode
- OP: Many little UX optimiztaion
- OP: Close Outline/adjust dialog as Confirm if has applied
- FIX: Fix outline cancel() bounce crash
- FIX: Fix paste multiple cells overflow crash
Deco manager

Resprite R16

Aug 10 2023
Symmetric tool
- NEW: Symmetric tool(Menu->View->Symmetric tool)
- NEW: 日本語追加
- NEW: 新增中文在线文档(菜单->帮助->客户支持->在线手册)
- OP: Add message when picked an empty(alpha=0) color
- OP: Optimize many UX details around
- FIX: Fix bottom of gallery strange empty space
- FIX: Optimize save bundle routine, try fix the 1x1 saving issue
- FIX: Fix timeline visible frames count under zero crash
- FIX: Fix two special case undo of moving layer caused wrong layer order or crash
Symmetric tool

Resprite R15

July 30 2023
New themes on iPhone
- NEW: Remake the theme module, new themes, more custom options and can be saved
- NEW: Can open/import resprite from Files
- NEW: Direct import resprite(s) with Air-drop
- OP: Allow canvas size up to 4K, show performance warning when > 1080p
- OP: Optimize many UX details around
- FIX: Fix memory crash when exporting huge GIF with 150+ frames and 2000x2000+ size(after magnification)
(Resprite is tested pass with 5000x5000 image size and 150 frames GIF exporting task on iPad Mini6 for now)
New themes on iPhone

Resprite R14

July 10 2023
Start supporting iPhone from R14
- NEW: Supports iPhone
(The Premium is shared between iPad and iPhone)
- OP: More toast msg position options
- OP: Can set more tool's visibility and text abbr
- OP: Can show undo/redo on timeline action bar
- OP: Can disable sound effect in general setting
- OP: Can open menu from gallery's empty area
- OP: Optimize many UX details around
Start supporting iPhone from R14

Resprite R13

July 1 2023
- NEW: Insert text and emojis
- NEW: Create your own font and the font manager
- NEW: Rect/ellipse shape support 1:1 asepect ratio checkbox
- OP: Better timeline performance, smooth with hundreds of frames
- OP: Number slider change to up dir as add, more intuitive
- OP: Export .resprite in archive instead of package
- OP: Support import multiple .resprite bundle files once
- OP: Add icons for file types
- OP: Disable some btns bounce prevention
- OP: Toast msg with success type
- FIX: Fix undo of transformation leak the content sometimes
Insert text with multiple font

Resprite R12

June 8 2023
- OP: Can ignore blank frames when import spritesheet
- FIX: Pencil low-tilt interferes with long press pick color
- FIX: Sometime randomly longpress pick color not working(force control caused)

Resprite R11

June 1 2023
- NEW: Frames/cells multiple selection and operations
- NEW: Frames/cells copy between sprites
- NEW: Generate palette from reference image
- NEW: Colour adjust to selection only
- NEW: Sprite's individual grid line setup
- NEW: Can show pen colour on topbar
- NEW: Can hide the palette window
- NEW: Can set window visibility in menu
- OP: Gesture toast msg only with icon
- OP: New layer on closed group will be inserted above, not inside
- OP: When creating a group, the group name will inherit the customized layer name
- FIX: Gallery items may not refresh after paste in folder
- FIX: Long press on ref image to pick color with auto-back on casued problem
- FIX: Overflow issue with randomly appearing alpha gradient block in color picker window

Resprite R10

May 15 2023
- NEW: Add 'Kind+Date' gallery sort way
- NEW: Export selection only
- NEW: Auto select layer for move tool
- OP: Enter as confirmation of the input box
- OP: Max frame duration to 10x
- OP: Some gallery UX details
- OP: Keep order when zip in new layer folder
- OP: Start using single integer release number
- OP: Eraser and shader tool stop triger long press gesture
- FIX: Prevent crash in transform handle view
- FIX: Crash of undo of move top-level layer into group
- FIX: Can not draw near the palette window randomly

Resprite v1.9

Apr 23 2023
- NEW: Gallery item copy/cut/paste
- OP: Gallery items animation
- OP: Toast warning and error with icon
- OP: New gallery folder icons
- OP: Remove the tags
- FIX: The image flickers when exiting the gallery menu
- FIX: Delete the pressed file out of the app caused crash
- FIX: Pencil pos shift up on iPad 9.7
- FIX: Wrong behavior when drawing immediately after switching frames or layers
- FIX: The problem occurs when the undo and redo gesture tap position is in the selection area
- FIX: Wrong old selected cell when undo of cell move when 'all frames' or 'all layers' on
New gallery icons

Resprite v1.8

Apr 15 2023
- NEW: Insert image into canvas directly(Menu->Edit)
- OP: Behavior of hide the version text
- OP: Maximum magnification on export changed from 10 to 20
- OP: Gesture toast msg with icon
- OP: Init zoom level of preview image
- OP: Performance of moving large selection area
- OP: Timeline footer information display
- FIX: One-finger color picking operation interferes with cell/selection move
- FIX: The wrong undo message content of gesture operation
- FIX: The zen mode sometimes enters translucency
- FIX: Empty frame caused rendering(cell move) and exporting crash
- FIX: Button bouncing caused crash

Resprite v1.7

Apr 1 2023
- NEW: Layer blend modes
- NEW: Clipping mask
- NEW: Frame duration
- OP: Can set opacity to group layer
- OP: Lock outline and colour adjustment in trial mode
- OP: Optimize the ellipse algo, smoother result
- OP: Update the pixel font viersion
- OP: Hide grid line in zen mode
- FIX: Fix the bucket fill tool overflows in certain state
- FIX: Mistakenly lost premium when device is offline
- FIX: Kill the three finger tap filter random crash
- FIX: Kill the merge visible in deepth group crash
- FIX: Wrong result of merge layers with inherited cells
Blend modes

Resprite v1.6

Mar 18 2023
- NEW: Advanced outline, Menu -> Edit -> Outline
- NEW: Colour adjustment, Menu->Edit->Adjust Colour
- NEW: Zen Mode: focus on the canvas, hide others
- NEW: Custom canvas preset sizes, Preferences->Canvas preset sizes
- OP: Realtime preview of layer opacity editing
- OP: Colour interpolation can apply to existing row/column now
- OP: Can hide the play btns(timeline action bar), use the gestures instead(Preferences->Timeline)
- OP: Remove ref image min zoom 0.1 limit
- OP: Double tap on brush size, reset the size to 1, again to revert
- OP: New help window entry and the content
- OP: Optimize palette presets manager UI and the delete routine
- OP: Make button bg darker in light theme, not lighter
- OP: Optimize pixel button border pressing effect
- OP: More defence code of multi-touch failure
- OP: Can hide the 'Resprite x.x' version text on topbar to get more space for tools(when fixed on top)
- OP: Filter out small movement of ref image when longpress to pick color
- FIX: Layer drag top overflow crash
- FIX?: Pencil re-connect zip in crash
- FIX: Footer selection size showing 1x1, caused by 1 finger cancel event
Advanced outline

Resprite v1.5

Mar 2 2023
- NEW: More control of animation playback(Preferences->Timeline)
- NEW: Add quick start guide for beginner
- OP: Reset tiled bounds if new selection area exist
- OP: Copy whole cell when no selection, cross sprite
- OP: Pencil double-tap add 'switch to pen always' and 'switch between pen and eraser' option
- OP: No longer clipping the bounds when ending the transformation
- OP: Optimize edge case of tiled preview
Timeline setting

Resprite v1.4

Feb 27 2023
- NEW: Theme customization
- NEW: Isometric grid line
- NEW: Custom canvas bg grid
- NEW: One-time purchase option
- NEW: More dither patterns: parallel lines, wall bricks...
- NEW: Buttons to move the content of the selection pixel by pixel
- OP: Longpress on layer eye with complex situation
- Fix: Fix fly btn and sub-tool suspending on some iPad models
- OP: Retain ROI when zooming ref img or preview
- OP: better ref img double-tap zoom steps
- Other small optimization and fixs
Theme customization

Resprite v1.3

Feb 20 2023
- NEW: Display rotate/skew angle degree
- NEW: Support export with user-defined text
- NEW: Tiled preview mode(Btn on preview window header)
- NEW: Line angle snapping, easy to draw isometric lines
- NEW: Crop canvas size to current selection bounds(Menu->Sprite->Crop to selection)
- NEW: Paste image as reference image(Menu->Import Reference->Clipboard)
- NEW: Clear palette items(Menu->Palette->Clear)
- OP: For Preview and reference, double-tap to fit zoom level in steps
- OP: Add new message toast position 'Footer'
- OP: Long press on layer's eye to show that layer only, hide others
(Long press again to revert)
- OP: Pick colour from ref img support long press gesture
(Can turn-off in Preferences->gesture)
- OP: When move cell on group, all its descendants are moved
- FIX: Fix msg pos and float snapping pos error when timeline closed
- FIX: Fix sub tool switch caused UI suspending in tiny period
- FIX: Fix window's minimize btn flying when snapping on bottom and be clicked
(Note: We found that these two issues still exist on some device models, will fix later)
- Other small optimization and fixs
iDraw3-like tiled preview

Resprite v1.0.2

Feb 12 2023
- NEW: Support **pick colour from reference image**
(switch to eyedropper, then drag on ref img)
- NEW: Support green selection preview line
- NEW: Add change log view, with entry at Preferences->about
- NEW: Support **skew in X/Y** direction when in transformation
- OP: Heavy press ignore pen tool's alpha lock
- OP: Add **special** dither patterns
- OP: Add some wide canvas pre-defined size
(from w32x16 to w256x128)
- OP: Double tap on reference/preview image round the zoom level with 50% step
- OP: Move upgrade to menu
- OP: Canvas grid line min limit change from 8 to 1
(feedback from tonio, thanks)
- OP: Make transformation handle semi-trans when moving selected content
- OP: More padding handles from the selected content
- OP: Optimize transformation handle appearance
Skew in X/Y, make a wall

Resprite v1.0.1

Date: Feb 11 2023

  • New thmes colours
  • Can save sprite without sub

Resprite v1.0.0

Date: Feb 8 2023

First release

Last updated on March 13, 2023