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Screenshots of Resprite for iPad and iPhone

Pixel art editor for iPad and iPhone📱

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Release Note

Resprite R29

Release at Dec 20 2023
- NEW: Jumble tool
- NEW: Show selection/shape size infomation
- OP: Canvas background grids can be 1x1 now
- FIX: Load illegal font file crash
- FIX: Export ase with empty palette crash
- FIX: Images exported separately in frames are not enlarged
- FIX: The last clip always leaves out the last frame in exported ase file
Jumble tool demo

Resprite R28

Release at Nov 21 2023
- OP: Layer lock sync with ase file
- OP: Group can be locked too
- FIX: Crash when change canvas size in some cases
- FIX: Duplicated group shows the lock icon

Resprite R27

Release at Nov 20 2023
- NEW: Layer lock
- OP: Better auto-save mechanism
- OP: Realtime preview of adjust color(HSV/Contrast)
- FIX: Outline behavior on inherited cell

Resprite R26

Release at Nov 10 2023
- NEW: Timelapse
- NEW: Export as video
- NEW: Manual save button
- NEW: Proportional scaling
- OP: Can lock the palette
- OP: Can not draw on hidden layer
- OP: Can set cell's opacity
- OP: Opacity show as percent% not 255
- OP: Can import spritesheet(image) from Photos/clipboard
- OP: Better spray speed control
- FIX: TTF font with content of only spaces caused crash
- FIX: Cell move on group layer by the buttons caused crash
Timelapse export dialog
Read more in release page.